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Process design and analysis is the engineering discipline that seeks to maximize throughput while reducing production costs. To reach optimal level, it takes not only engineering knowledge but also manufacturing experience. Next Industries has both, we have trained engineers and manufacturing veterans with access to leading suppliers. The Next approach can quick converge on solutions for your most difficult situation.
Our Solutions Utilized Multiple Disciplines To Ensure Success
Next Industries Process Engineers utilize engineering techniques that allow our customers to maximize their profitability. Some of the techniques our team utilize are Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (PFMEA), Design of Experiments (DOE), statistical process control, & regression analysis to name a few. The engineering techniques enable Next Engineers to quick converge on the most efficient and cost-effective processes for our partners.

Next Industries vast manufacturing experience coupled with our extensive knowledge of suppliers and their products enable us to select the highest value solution for your situation. Our process design and analysis are not limited to tooling but also include work hold and fixtures, etc. We think about the whole process to maximize throughput while reducing production costs.
Contact a Next Industries expert today to find out how our Process Design and Analysis / Turnkey Services can help improve your company’s workflow and bottom line.